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時間:2019-11-13 作者:hd126
  With smoking hot Latina blood flowing through her veins, Colombian-born star Rosa Ramirez began her career in 2010. The sexy brunette has a gorgeous smile and eyes that were made to be photographed. She'll often pull her long tresses into ptails to add to her cuteness factor. You won't be able to find very many clips with her name in the credits, but given how sexy she is, all you need is a few seconds of viewing her naked body before you start dripping cum and jerking.
  The long, hard schlong of master Nacho Vidal gets to penetrate the holes of, not only Rosa, but also the lovely Franceska James, in his movie Colombian Teens 3. The Evil Empire production boasts some of the hottest Hispanic honeys around, and they're definitely jizz worthy. Rosa's pussy gets quite a pounding from the world-famous stud, but she takes every inch and makes him work for her orgasm.
  New content featuring Rosa hasn't been released in quite some time. She's still as smoking hot as ever, whether she's all dolled up in stockings and lingerie, or just showing off her fit body totally naked.
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