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時間:2019-11-13 作者:hd126
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  Valeria Blue is a beautiful Euro slut from Cadiz, Spain. She's been showing up on sites all over the Internet since 2014, and she also does live webcam shows. Valeria has a gorgeous face, a killer body, and incredible sexual energy that radiates through the screen. In almost no time at all, she's managed to gain around 11,000 very horny Twitter followers. She joins other Spanish sluts like Nora Barcelona in demonstrating just how powerful a webcam is for a modern starlet.
  When this babe gets horny, there's just no stopping her. In one scene, she's out in public talking about sex before she starts flashing her ass and those b titties. She leads the stud behind some buildings, where she sucks his cock and takes it doggystyle. One orgasm isn't enough, so afterwards they go inside to continue ing.
  Valeria has an incredible body, so the teases she starts her scenes with tend to get viewers worked up in a hurry. Her co-stars get pretty damn excited, too. In one clip, she taunts the camera with her body, and as soon as Nick Moreno shows up, he's raging hard and ready to . Valeria Blue may be new to ography, but she's already a pro when it comes to giving and receiving boners.
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