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時間:2019-11-13 作者:hd126
  Kayden Kross, Kayden, Kayden Cross, Jenna Nikol
  Jenna Nickol (AKA Jenna Nikol, Kayden, Kayden Cross, Kimberly Nicole Rathkamp) needs little introduction, being one of today’s bgest stars and having appeared in more than 130 sex films since getting started in 2007 at the age of 22. Coming from Swedish descent and born in Sacramento, this lovely blonde is 5’5”, 121 pounds with a stunning 32D-24-35 fure that was built for hot, intense ing.
  She’s done it all, too, from fetish movies like Costume Bondage Starlets with Ginger Lee, to cumshots, cumswaps and swallowing in Top Guns with the beautiful Jesse Jane. She’s clearly into dick, but she also has some amazing lesbian content in movies like the aptly named Legendary Lesbians. Jenna is now directing movies, too, making her debut in 2013 with Girl Squared. With her desire to be involved with all aspects of sex film production, it’s obvious to any observer that she loves getting and inducing orgasms.
  Jenna Nickol can truly be considered a renaissance woman of the o industry, and I’m sure we’ll see more of her work, both in front of and behind the camera, for years to come. Check out Jenna Nickol in action to see some of her hottest ing!
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