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時間:2019-11-13 作者:hd126
  Madison Luv (AKA Madison, Madison Love) is one of the hottest Ebony sluts to hit the movie scene in years, so it's no wonder she's been getting so much attention lately. Her gorgeous complexion is a great compliment to her perfectly proportioned body, and her natural round breasts make my mouth water whenever I see them. Her face is also kissably pretty - a nice change of pace from the plastic-enhanced ones we see on so many living sex dolls in the industry. She's got a tattoo of a star on her shoulder blade, which I think is pretty fitting, considering her status as one of today's rising stars.
  Even just a quick browse through some of her dozens of titles is enough to give you an idea of her favorite sexual activity: ing other lesbians and eating their pussies. Lick Dat Pussy 2 with Candace Von obviously needs little in the way of exposition, though you'll be impressed by all the sex positions it includes. Sista Seeking Sista is a touching story about lesbians in search of love and hot sex. It ends happily, with Madison and co-stars like Alana Play finding exactly what they're looking for.
  Though girl on girl is Madison's favorite way to get down, it can't be denied that she also loves cock, sometimes taking creampies in movies like Black Teens 6. I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes out with next. Watch any of her films, and I'm sure you'll feel the same.
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